If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet in the last six months, it is because my WordPress blog (this one) has moved to Substack. Make sure to sign up at johanfourie.substack.com to keep on receiving weekly posts. (For those who have already signed up to Substack, there is no need to do anything. You’ll receive my next post in exactly one and a half hours…)

I shifted to Substack in July. Since then, my readership has grown by 80%. I also spend less time preparing posts, which means I have more time writing them. And I’ve joined a more active and rapidly growing community of authors. There are some exciting plans for expansion in 2023 too. Make sure to sign up.

My WordPress posts – more than 500 of then since 2012 – have also moved to Substack, but will remain active on WordPress for a while.