This is (possibly) the last WordPress post from me. Our Long Walk, my blog for the last decade, has moved to Substack. After more than 800 posts, I’ve decided to try something new.

As always, the transition has not gone perfectly smooth. I could only transfer half of my subscribers to the new platform. Some of you would have already received a Substack post from me. That means you are automatically registered to continue receiving Our Long Walk. But for many of you, this is the first you’ve heard of the switch. Please make sure to subscribe here. All my posts will continue to be free, in English, and delivered weekly to your mailbox.

Why the move? As I explained in my first post, Substack is simpler than WordPress. As with writing, simpler is better. A second reason is that Substack offers a community of like-minded authors. It is easier to discover other great authors — and be discovered. Third, Substack allows me to engage with my audience and for my audience to choose their level of engagement. I have some exciting plans for the future that I will share in due course.

The content will largely be the same. My posts will include the monthly columns I write for South Africa’s largest Afrikaans newspaper, Rapport, and the bi-weekly columns I write for the largest South African news site, News24. I will also continue to include book reviews (mostly of economics and history books) and some ruminations on academe and scholarship. The plan is not to flood you with emails; I aim to publish one post per week, delivered on a Monday morning.

Although my entire archive of scribbles has been transferred to Substack, the WordPress version will remain accessible, at least for the foreseeable future. My website, and that of my book, will continue to be hosted on the same platform. Speaking of my book: I am excited to share news about new releases shortly. Again, make sure to subscribe to continue receiving updates.

See you on the other side.